“The experience of my QHHT session facilitated by Raquel, was really “time traveling”. Although she had indicated prior to the actual regression, that all the answers are to be found within oneself, she allowed me to cross over to that part of me that was surrounded by a wall. One constructed with bricks of fear. Fear of abandonment, loneliness, unresolved projects, unfinished missions, and inconclusive journeys. I have now listened to the recording of my session several times, and just like Dolores Cannon suggested, and Raquel encouraged, I find new answers every time. It is now up to me to continue this journey. I have been given all “the necessary tools. If I would ever feel lonely, I now have the tools to reconnect with my tribe. As they are out there. And we are all beginning to remember. Forever thankful as with Raquel, I was able to remember that I am who I am, and it is all good” Lara K., MT

“..a journey to the home I had forgotten: myself”

….have been searching to look up the sky and find the answers. My ancestors taught me “the Way of the People”. I lost y path. It was during the QHHT session with Raquel that I was able to retrieve my path. I could “see” more clear” now. Pretty amazing trip….but without the need of any external stimuli. (February, 2021) Wolf, E. (Arlee, MT)

“I could see more “clear” now…but without taking any external stimuli”

“I was privileged to meet and study with Dr. Raquel R. Smith, during the last QHHT training course with the renowned Dolores Cannon back in 2014. Dr. Smith is not only an experienced Psychologist but also a loving and wonderful human being working in the service of others. She is very compassionate and dedicated not only to nurturing, but in facilitating the enlightenment of her clients. Through an infusion of Metaphysical insight, Dr. Smith is now able to facilitate a complete mind, body and spirit healing with those she encounters in her journey.”Scott W, Air force Engineer, GA.

Mind, body and spirit healing

“I wanted you to know, that (day after session) I have been on my ankle driving which is normally agitating-walking and standing all day, without the ankle support that I usually wear. Normally that would cause me to have great deal of pain. I have some mild discomfort. Pretty amazing right now. Thank you again” JL, RN, Montana

Pretty amazing right now…

“The event that led me to Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) was my decision to leave a career in critical care nursing after 33 years. While I deeply loved nursing the hospital environment for many reasons had become very toxic. While my heart knew I needed to leave where I was going was not at all clear. Feeling I was in a crises I entertained all the traditional therapies I had explored throughout challenging periods in my life and felt they all fell short of my current needs. I intuitively knew I needed more then those standard therapies could offer.

As the forces of the universe (SOURCE) would guide I discovered QHHT. As I began my research into the therapy a series of synchronicity events occurred and I found Raquel. I reached out to her for a session and learned she required that we meet face to face to determine if the therapy was a good fit.
At the conclusion of that meeting I was very eager to move forward. Raquel called and confirmed she was willing to work with me.

To describe the session, it was nothing short of miraculous. To this day I describe it as one of the best things I have ever done!
Raquel describes herself as a vessel. I am here to attest that she is far more than that. My session took me to past lives, current issues and a recommended path for the future. Raquel was steadfast, grounded and comforting throughout the process. While I credit the therapy as powerful I cannot separate the value of the practitioner. Raquel is a healer. Her kindness will envelope you during your session so your guards can come down and you are allowed to unveil your deepest emotions because you feel safe.

Subsequent to my session I experienced physical healing and vivid dreams like never before. My session with Raquel touched me deeply and left me more committed to being a participant in supporting the growth of humanities evolution. This work is very powerful and doing it with Raquel for me was a confirmation the SOURCE brings just what you need when you are ready to receive it”

Gina L, Registered Nurse, Mc. Cloud, CA


“the SOURCE brings just what you need when you are ready to receive it”