“..a journey to the home I had forgotten: myself”

“The experience of my QHHT session facilitated by Raquel, was really “time traveling”. Although she had indicated prior to the actual regression, that all the answers are to be found within oneself, she allowed me to cross over to that part of me that was surrounded by a wall. One constructed with bricks of fear. Fear of abandonment, loneliness, unresolved projects, unfinished missions, and inconclusive journeys. I have now listened to the recording of my session several times, and just like Dolores Cannon suggested, and Raquel encouraged, I find new answers every time. It is now up to me to continue this journey. I have been given all “the necessary tools. If I would ever feel lonely, I now have the tools to reconnect with my tribe. As they are out there. And we are all beginning to remember. Forever thankful as with Raquel, I was able to remember that I am who I am, and it is all good” Lara K., MT