My name is Raquel  Smith

If you got this far into your journey, you probably have a curious mind. Most likely, you may be trying to understand how the past may explain your present and prepare you for the future. Although, past, present and future, is a relative idea. Quantum Healing therapy refers to time as non-linear, but rather multidimensional.

I respect my past, my roots, and the gates opened by those who came before. I do honor my ancestors. Dolores Cannon’s teachings are a constant reminder that our roots, help us understand and broaden our awareness.  In my particular case, it has helped me in clearing my path, support my understanding of my human experience, and assist in the stages needed to complete mt journey.  I know now why I am here, where I have been, and where I am going. Refreshing to know, that I also have been created with free will, And with that, I have been given a gift and also a  responsibility.

My QHHT Background

I was trained by Dolores Cannon the creator and founder of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy ©. Becoming part of Dolores world, and learning the QHHT technique, has been a privilege. When Dolores passed in October of 2014, I realized that I had been part of the last class she would ever teach. In Dolores own words, “there are no coincidences”  From that day forward, it became quite clear, that in addition to my professional commitments, I would become a QHHT practitioner.

Because of my background in psychology and education- and my own personal experience with trauma-, compassion, empathy and the deep understanding of human suffering are tools I bring into my practice. I am fully bilingual and bi cultural in English and Spanish. I have offices in Missoula (Montana) and San Jose (California).


*Ph.D. (Doctoral Degree) Psychology, Yeshiva University, NY

*M.S. (Master of Science) Psychology, Yeshiva University, NY

*M.S. (Master of Science) Special Education, Hunter College, NY

*B.S. (Bachelor of Science, Education) Teacher College, Uruguay

*QHHT Level 1 Practitioner (active practitioner since 2014)

*E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) Degree, Marlow Institute (Montevideo, Uruguay)

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