Moving forward, standing still, walking into the past, it is all one big 3D+ picture.

Time, what is it? Not linear, as we mostly perceive it. Not in a calendar either. And Google® is yet to come up with one App that will allow us to place our activities in a multidimensional sphere.

So, what is time? Isaac Newton, founder of classical mechanics, based his theses in the concept that space, is separate from body and that time passes uniformly without regard to whether anything happens in the world (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). For this reason, Newton spoke of absolute space and absolute time, distinguishing these entities from the various ways by which we measure them.  An alternative to how Newton approached time and space,  was offered by others. Einstein, for example, indicated that there is not a conceptual distinction between the past, the future, or the present.  Not of time “flowing” either. Space and time, are all just there. “Fourdimentionally there”. Ken Wharton & Huw Price (Nautilus, May19, 2016) suggest that imposing the Newtonian Schema thinking on new “quantum-scale phenomena, has landed us in situations with no good explanation whatsoever” . In fact, they propose that when willing to take the future into account, as well as the past, an alternative approach to explain the inexplicable, could be entertained.
Quantum Physics, does look into this multidimensional approach. So does, in its own way, the approach proposed by Dolores Cannon, via QHHT®. Oneness never made so much sense.

One of the most recent cases I had the honor to facilitate, was with a Physician. During the QHHT session, she went back in “time” but to her, it felt she stepped into the “future”. As an energy form, she had facilitated the healing of a large area in an unknown domain. She was also a “trainer” where energy forms preparing to move into a life form, learned communication. Visually, the Subconscious Mind (SC) revealed to her information, that she is to use during her present life time. Trained to work with children, she also sees herself as a teacher to the parents and children she interacts with on a daily basis.  In a near “future” the methods she used in a previous more advanced life cycle, will become useful. Experiencing once again the tools she used in her previous life, made her understand what she has to do next in her practice.  At this point in time,  regulations set forth by the medical boards, would not  allow her to do so. So the question is: if these tools, or methods were so “advanced”, and related to her based on a life she had in the “past”, but will only be useful in the “future”, what then is “time”? So once again, the concept of “time”, the complex quantum paradigm of “past, present, future” and quantum entanglement, all came into place.

The weather here in Missoula (Montana) this Spring, has challenged “time” in all of its possible dimensions. With an all time record, the Clark Fork River is overflowing.  Consequently, motion has set its course, people had to be evacuated, and in many cases, time played its role.

As I stand still in front of this majestic body of water, (The Clark Fork River runs right below our property), I cannot help it but feeling its energy.  It carries elements of another place, of another time, of another space. Leaves, wood clippings, even trunks of trees are the only evidence of how strong the current is. Birds take a “free ride” on these gentle giants that couldn’t sustain so much water on their roots, and had to bend, be uprooted and join the ride of the Columbia. The Pacific will be their resting place.

And so it is. And it is all good. And it is all multidimensional. Just like time!

Enjoy the season.






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