Speaking to water

During the course of sampling and photographing different types of water crystal formations, Dr. Masaro Emoto, an internationally renowned Japanese researcher, came up with a hypothesis. Specifically, that “water shows different shapes of ice crystals, depending on the information it has received” (“The True Power of Water”, Emoto, M., 2005,pg. 12).  How he arrived to this conclusion, his ideas of photographing water crystals, and how the environment influences water, is  well documented (“Messages from Water”, Masaru Emoto, Vol.1, ISBN: 4-939098-00-1, Vol.2, 4-939098-004-4, Vol. 3, 4-939098-005-2). Masaro’s research, although controversial in its approach, strongly supports that electromagnetic waves from electronic devises, negatively affects water. One of his initial experiments, involved placing water into two glass bottles, on one he placed a label “Thank you”,  on the other “You fool”. According to Emoto, although the water in both bottles came from the same source, when he froze it, the results showed discrepancies. While the water in the “Thank you” bottle formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, the one with the “You fool” label, had only fragments of crystals. This was the beginning of a painstaking process of investigating water. For over 20 years until he passed away in 2014, Dr. Emoto studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. In his book “Love Thyself” ( January, 2015), one of my favorites, Dr. Emoto explains how the love, self, and water, are interconnected. He explains: “For this reason, the title of this book is ‘Love Thyself.’ First you must shine with positive, high-spirited vibrations, and be full of love. In order to do that, I think it’s important to love, thank, and respect yourself. If that’s the case, then each of those vibrations will be sent out into the world and the cosmos, and the great symphony of that harmonic vibration will wrap our planet in waves of love that serve to cherish our Heaven-granted lives. This is the message from water.”

Pat McCabe, a Navajo and Lakota activist also reminds us of the Living Water as an energy form, if you want, that receives, carries and delivers information. If only we remember to look at the water near us, and picture a real life form, we may engage in the river of life, protecting not only ourselves, but the generations of those yet to be.

Speak to water: It listens. Bless it: It loves it. Respect it: It deserves it.


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