It is June, 2021, and we are back!

Dear Kind Souls,

I am as delighted as you must be to begin to breath a bit better around this side of the world. It has been a long journey, and the sadness of all sort of losses, has been immense. May you know my desire is that you are in a good place, that you are safe, and that you are getting the needed help you so much deserve. To some of us, it has been an opportunity to learn yet many more lessons on navigating this journey called life.

I am beginning to see new clients as of today, and regulations now allow me to restore my one on one practice provided that I follow the protocols in place.

To those I haven’t been able to assist during the past year, I do hope you have received the help you so much deserve. To those who were able to wait, I do thank you.

From my balcony, Clark Fork River, Sunrise in the Bitterroot Valley.

I am now seeing clients in my San Jose office, and booking for the summer in both offices, including Missoula (MT).

If you are still interested in having a session, give me a call, or complete the email form in this website.

Looking forward to hear from you


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