Because of darkness, I am light. Welcoming the Vernal Equinox March 20, 8:33 AM, 2022

Light and Dark, Outward and Inward, Day and Night, and the key word is Equinox, in Latin “equal light” referring to the 12-hour day 12 hour night, that only happens two days a year.

Earth has been moving in one direction for 6 months and after a brief pause in time, she will shift directions. This March 20, 2022, at 8:33 (PST), the dance of the light and the dark arrives. On this day we are invited to reflect on balance.

Various indigenous Nations will be observing the movements of the sun and moon just like The People-our ancestors, did thousands of years ago in another timeline. The calendar created by their connections with the sun and the moon, direct us to be mindful of the consciousness of the women, birth, and renewal. It honors the feminine energy. No coincidence that in the western world, we celebrate Women during Spring, and more specifically in March.

Our roots

The Maya civilization extended throughout the present-day southern Mexican states, Guatemala, Belize, Northern El Salvador and western Honduras (  A highly advanced civilization they were known for their vast knowledge of astronomy. To them, the sun is one of the most important stars and guided the creation of their agricultural calendar. And here is why the spring equinox is so special to ancient Mayan civilization. According to ancient legend, when the day balances with the night during the spring equinox, Kukulkan-a regarded god, visits the temple and briefly returns to earth to provide blessings for good health and a full harvest before continuing to the underworld via the sacred waters below.

The Mayan’s commemorated this event in the most spectacular and breathtaking way. They used precisive architecture combined with an advanced understanding of the natural rotation of the earth to build the Temple of Kukulkan in the exact position that allows sun to create the illusion of a feathered serpent descending down the temple.

For approximately five hours, the illusion of light and shadow creates seven triangles that start at the top of the temple and slowly make their way down until they connect with the giant serpent head at the bottom. The entirety of this stunning shadow remains for around one hour until it slowly starts descending the pyramid and eventually disappears, which represents Kukulkan passing into the underworld.

This shift in our surroundings is an opportunity to look at ourselves. To achieve balance, is what we deserve as humanity. We connect with all parts of who we are, we honor our darkness and our light, and we follow the earth into her journey. We trust her. Light and Dark. All one side of the cosmos, an entity that we believe to know so much about, and yet, we ignore how wise it is. When we think we have reached one layer of understanding; it brings us one more test of endurance, resistance, and new lessons to learn.

May we remember who we are and that our purpose during this timeline is to restore, repair and create. And during this time frame, we are here to blossom.

Wishing you an Equinox full of seeds to saw, as the harvest is only a few months away.

References and photograph by Yucatan Today


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