Harvest Moon, Equinox, Rosha Hanna, Autumn: It must be September!!

Photography by https://www.britannica.com/topic/harvest-moon-full-moon

It seems like we just closed our eyes and when we reopened them, we went from the return of the swallows to the northwest, the nesting of the Osprey, and the glitter of the melted snow, to the warm sunny evenings and the soft amber palette of the Aspens. As we observe scholars of all sorts, return to their Halls of wisdom, and the pupils engaged in new learning, we anticipate the ending of a season and welcome to receive the next one on the calendar.

In the Northern Hemisphere, daylight time begins to shorten, and we observe that our loving, adventurous Hummingbirds, took their last sip of their adored nectar I left for them before embarking in their thousand mile journey to the south. And with same excitement, we prepare to receive the goddess of Autumn: The harvest Moon.

The much-awaited full moon closest in time to the autumnal equinox (Sept. 22), when the sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south at the start of autumn, earned its name due to the moonlight that occurs in the evenings, allowing farmers that much needed extra time to harvest their summer-grown crops. (The Old Farmer’s Almanac ) This year, the full harvest moon will rise on Saturday, Sept. 10, at 5:59 a.m. ET.

:59 a.m. ET.

Some will also celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. As we prepare the ritual surrounding Rosh Hashanah,

What is the symbolic meaning of Rosh Hashanah?

Rosh Hashanah, which means “the head of the year,” is the Jewish New Year. The biblical name for this holiday is Yom Teruah. It is the traditional anniversary of the creation of the world and the creation of Adam and Eve, who are known as the biblical first man and first woman on this planet.

In 2022, it begins on Monday, September 26, and ends at sundown, Tuesday, September 27.

As we reflect on yet another years passing, we ask for forgiveness, we reflect on our mistakes and we open to G_d endless love to look upon us, our loved ones and our health for yet one more year.

May we all unite as a community of humans as we reflect in how transitions may also assist in our process of evolution, ascension and higher purpose.

Peace and Love!

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