Welcome Spring

As many are ready to step outside, some creatures feel the urge to remain in hiding. Indeed, this past winter has had some interesting and quite unexpected manifestations. Rivers overflowing, tornadoes, snow enough to cover houses. All indications that we are experiencing changes that mother Earth is ready to express. Yet, the creatures walking on her, -especially humans, are quite yet equipped to handle.

As we remembered Mother Earth a few weeks back, many of us engaged in something “earth like”. Trees being planted, urban parks being cleaned and restored, families celebrating this wonderful being. How to honor Earth is indeed a daily activity.

Spring is in full now in the western part of Northern America. Missoula MT is my playground. As I walk in the forest, all four elements are awakening. As I find myself sitting under my favorite ponderosa pine, all my childhood memories return. That is when I felt grounded (earth), clear in my head (air) open hearted (water) and creative (fire) Indigenous people have known about these elements for thousands of years. And as I start chanting and connecting with the best part of the self, they seem to respond. The earth shakes and the cattle take notice. The air starts with a gentle breeze, then gets stronger, and a golden eagle flies overhead, as a reminder to “wake up”!!. The Clark Fork flows faster and the fish dance to the beat. A nearby Salish starts a fire, as a symbol of rebirth, new life, new hope.  Spring is here to stay.

Wishing you a season filled with signs of the Four Elements. Light Love and Hope.

Reporting from Missoula, MT.



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