Waking up to Dolores Cannon’s Wisdom….Reposting…time has no time.

Today is September 17, 2020. I am re-posting a message that still seems to be “timeless”. We are more and more sensitive that “A Wrinkle in Time” opens up new dimensions. Many of us have refer to 2020 as the “Year of No Time”. “The Lost Year”, and “The Re-Set Year” have commonly been used by mystics, sciences oriented people, shamans, and everyone in between. After my morning meditation, having processed three days driving by myself through out the West Coast of my beautiful country. Having witnesses how life may change in the split of a second, I decided to RE POST this message. It is from January of 2019. I believe it still applies. It expresses a variety of sentiments. And still carries hope. The hope I share with thousands out there: We will be okay!!! Let keep challenging the present times. Lets be compassionate and strong. Lets keep having hope in humanity. We have so much to give.

May you have a great month. As it will be anything you think it is.


During mornings such as this one, when the world seems to spin around in the wrong direction, the news on TV, suggest chaos is on the rise, and even predict that not today but tomorrow, “it will even be worst” …..what freedom I found in choosing what I do. How thankful I am that I even have a choice. Not every one has. After my morning ritual: a cup of steamed hot beverage only we humans seem to enjoy -aka. coffee, Yoga moves, and daily meditation, I am guided to this brief clip from Dolores Cannon. Made sense then, and makes much more sense this morning. Her voice and energy when describing what her take on God is, feels like a wave of bright light surrounding me, and it is a good reminder that in this reality, I am finite, but in space-time, I am endless. Her words  “there is no good or bad, there are just experiences” are just what I needed to hear this morning.

As I always tell my QHHT clients, the Subconscious Mind (SC as Dolores name it), has all the information we need for our life journey. The SC takes care of you, it is always available, and it also respects your free will. It will not contact you, unless you initiate the conversation. This morning while meditating, I played the “movie” from my own QHHT session. And I was “there”. And I accessed  information which didn’t make much sense then, (9 years ago!!) but it does this morning. Because I accessed that chapter, one that I needed to take a look, to learn, and to understand my place in the world a little more.

I am now in San Jose (CA) where Orion Constellation seemed so close last night, that I could  actually feel it. Rigel (the brightest star) was winking at me. ❤ After all, it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This morning the olive trees up in the hill across the street, seem to smile.  They are a great reminder of the struggle to survive in harsh conditions and still produce fruit, still be useful, and adapt. And I got my answers. Very simple recipe: stop, breath, bring back a good place, the most beautiful place… your most beautiful place. Look at it. Ask the questions, and get the answers.

We are, no doubt, undergoing harsh conditions in our Nation right now. While trying to go through these times, while so many are being displaced, dispossessed of their basic needs, we cant help but feel compassion, and also, be upset. As we try to stay calm, centered and motivated to produce “fruit”, we may need to look for answers in a variety of places. As humans we may attempt the quick way, intellectually reasoning the logic of what is going on. Or worst, becoming so confused, that our  version of reality, could be impacted by just one lens. I, for once, keep finding most of the answers when I spend time in Nature. She has been here before my time, and will continue to be for years to come. Having conversation with the ocean, the trees, the rocks and the night sky, gives me many answers I cant find in my scientific research. I highly recommend it.

So this weekend, and with this sun shinning and temperatures on the rise, it is a hike in Santa Cruz Mountains. Next week? I am going further north: to my other favorite spiritual range: The north end of the Bitterroots, Montana & Idaho. Humble acceptance of how lucky I am to reside in such a spectacular planet.

Have a wonderful weekend.

I already am. ❤


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